The earliest name of the fort is believed to be Machhindrapur. Kumbhalgarh in its current form was built by Rana Kumbha. Out of the 84 forts in his dominion, Rana Kumbha is said to have built 32 of them, of which Kumbhalgarh is the largest and most elaborate. Built on a hilltop 1,100 m (3,600 ft) above sea level on the Aravalli range, the fort of Kumbhalgarh has perimeter walls that extend 36 km (22 mi), making it one of the longest walls in the world. Maharana Kumbha used to burn massive lamps that consumed fifty kilograms of ghee and a hundred kilograms of cotton to provide light for the farmers who worked during the nights in the valley.


One of the most beautiful forts of Rajasthan.

View from badal mahal is breathtaking.

Aerial View By Pixedo Media

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