Rajsamand Lake

Artificial Lake of Rajasthan


The lake was built by a visionary Maharaja Raj Singh in the 17th century. Due to the drought in 1661, the Maharaja provided employement to his people and built the lake for irrigation of fields. Ranchod Rai, the elder son of Purohit Garibdas, the Royal Priest, laid the foundation stone on April 17, 1665. This lake have catchment area of 508 sq km. The five toranas (weighing arches) seen here are where Raj Singh and his successors performed the event called Tuladan (they were weighed in gold and jewels), the cash value of which was distributed among Brahmans, and for the construction of temples and tanks for the welfare of the people. The Rajsamand district was also the scene of a desperate battle in the late 17th century between Mewar and the Mughal emperor Aurangzeb, and is linked with the name of ANAND SINGH, an officer in the Mewar army, who fought and died there, when left with only a small force to defend the dam from the Mughals.

Maharana Raj Singh-I

During World War II, Rajsamand Lake was used as a seaplane base by Imperial Airways

View from hill top view point is adorable.

Video credit- Shri Ram Photogenic

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